Echo Festival 2013

Artist Feature & Mix: Anthea


Hi Anthea thanks for talking to us. For those who are unaware of what you do, could you give us a quick intro?
I was born and raised in London – UK and have been working in the music industry for over 15 years now.

Who have been your inspirations, past and present, and why?
Ricardo Villalobos, Locodice and Luciano are my main inspirations, every time I heard their early productions it felt like they transported me to somewhere in the FUTURE, I’d ask myself how the hell did they do that? Lately Rhadoo gives me the same feeling and I also love Mr G’s sound, I love the locked groove he has, and that OPEN HAT!!! Working in record shops over the last few years has allowed me to hear a lot of great electronic music and their productions always resonated with me.

Have you come from a DJ or producer background and how has one shaped the other?
Well I was a record collector way before I was a DJ, and thus a DJ before a producer. Music has always been a big part of my life, my father was in a reggae band when he was in his twenties and took me along to rehearsals from age of 5 and he also had a nice vinyl collection. During my early teens he had a more serious job, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to jam on weekends, and he would pull me into it, get me on keys while he played bass. I guess my father is my biggest inspiration for the direction I’ve taken in life. Any money I received I would use to buy vinyl from my local record shop with friends from school, and when I began university I took all my father’s vinyls with me and continued record shopping on a weekly basis. By this point I had visited a few dance clubs and started to get the feeling for house music.

Before I finished my degree, I had a set of Silver SL1200′s, a mixer and a very healthy record collection. I went record shopping every week back then, spending every penny I had on vinyl. When I left university I began full time work in a really cool record shop in Soho, where I made a lot of contacts as I grew as a buyer and DJ. My first opportunities to play were in London’s bars and clubs, and even restaurants…so yes I’ve definitely come from a DJ background! As a producer I can only say that only after 2 years of producing solo, I could be getting closer to making music I would like to play on my dancefloor. I really am enjoying the production side of things and it gives me a great,  it can be very frustrating at times. But nothing beats the joy of finishing a track and then listening to it on a big soundsystem and realising its not that bad after all!

Can you tell us a bit about your studio setup, the equipment and programs you use, and how this helps to create your sound?
Well I am a part of the laptop generation, and I mainly use Ableton and a few VST’s to create my productions, I also have a drum and synth machine, which I prefer to use since I love to be hands on when I jam. I also rewire Ableton to Logic, once my track has been arranged in Ableton, since (yes its true), Logic has a warmer sound than Ableton. I wish I could solely use Logic but I honestly don’t have the patience it requires! I’ve found Ableton to be extremely easy to use.

Brouqade has gone from strength to strength over the last few years, can you give an insight into how this was started?
I have only been a part of the label the past year, but it was running good with just Dana Ruh and Ann M Cazal before that.Dana Ruh and I met in 2010 and had many many late night chats about music and our personal goals within the music industry, we realised we had similar ideals and we begun forming a little vision and plan, and I guess the label’s recent success has comes out of that. As well as me being an absolute charmer, and charming the pants off various artists to get the best music from them for the label!

But seriously Dana and I have a vision, and its not just about the label releasing good music although that is paramount, its about the two of us having a home, which we created from our friendship, we began to feel supported, and inspired, by each other, we also share an amazing space in Berlin where we both can relax and create music. So Brouqade is about that spilling over to those around us, whether it is signing the artist or getting the artists to jam together in a space where they feel comfortable, or we DJ together at a party, this I believe is part of the success of the Brouqade. The spirit behind the thing!

Where do you want to take the label over the next few years, any Brouqade artists on the horizon to watch out for?
We want the label to be associated with quality house music, and we want more people to know and play the records that we put out. All of the newcomers to the label in my opinion are ones to watch! They are all artists that have taken on the spirit of Brouqade, to be open, to share, to care, to be positive, to work as a team and I believe they have what it takes to go the long haul, each of them have really beautiful personalities which I think comes out in there music!

Can you tell us the idea behind the mix, and also how and when it was recorded?
Well I’m feeling so energized and full of love these days, that I decided to make a mix to express that. Each track has some kind of allurement to love, or just good feelings. Spring has also just arrived in Berlin, so I thought the mix should reflect that too.

What are your plans for this year, anything in particular you’re looking forward to?
Well yes this year I’m going to play at Carl Cox’s event at Space under the Desolat banner, they are hosting the terrace. I have a few other dates with Desolat that I’m also looking forward to.

We’re super excited to have you at Echo this year, who are you most excited to see and why?
Ohhh there are so many from your list! But definitely the most exciting for me will be to hear Nick Hoppner, Petre Inspirescu, & Delano Smith!! I am really happy to be a part of such an amazing event, with such a calibre of artists!

Thanks so much for time, look forward to seeing you in Croatia x

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